Tommy Lee Jones

This slightly larger than life portrait is availableĀ as a limited edition in Bronze andĀ Plaster with bronze colouring.

Approximately: 19h x 13d x 11w inches

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My son published this portrait on Reddit which received over a 1000 comments, here are a few of my favorites:

‘Tommy Lee Jones bronze portrait. I’m showing off my dad’s latest creation because he gives himself no credit & is far too modest.’

‘Strong likeness of a great face. Your dad is a champ, and you did the right thing.
If he shows it or not, your belief in his talent will surely mean a lot to him too, so kudos for that.’

‘I’d be self-consious, too, if I had Tommy Lee Jones’s disappointed stare crafted in bronze by my own hands.’

‘That is spot on! Your dad is awesome.’

‘Holy smokes!! He’s incredible!’

‘Imagine being so famous that random people you’ve never met before sculpt your face.’

‘Very nice work. Literally the first bronze portrait sculpture that hasn’t made me shriek in abject horror.’

‘The only difference between this Tommy Lee Jones and the real one is the sculpture looks way more upbeat and lively.’

“Look at him. He’s making me cry.”

‘It reminds me of the closing monologue in no country for old men.’

‘This isn’t a situation where it’s like “oh, sure, sure it is. Now I can see it.” It’s more accurately like this..
“holy f**k look at that sweet statue of Tommy Lee Jones!”


Thank you all for your support, I’ll try and take the comments on board.


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